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Scapular of Our Lady of the Heal Catholic priest John Higgins, Hospital Chaplain

12:44 18/11/2022

How would you react if the dead person was brought back to life by God before your eyes? This is the story of Father John Higgins, Hospital Chaplain, and Pastor of Saint Raymond’s Breathing House in Downey, Cali, a city located in the Southeast in County Los Angeles.
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Dad is a very likable and fun person. I care very much for the patients I visit, whether they are parishioners or not. He recounted the miracle that took place while he was still a vicar of the parish of San Raphael in Goleta near Santa Barbara.

The hospital called Father because there was an urgent stroke of an elderly man. Father immediately ran to the hospital , ” When I got to the emergency room, I did not see the patient’s face behind the curtain, but I did meet the Head Nurse of the emergency room named Ann, her family is parishioners. She always called the hospital when there was an emergency.

Ann said, “Dad is late!” I see people starting to take off the wires that go to the heart rate monitors. The man stopped breathing. I walked up to the dead man and popped up saying, “He has a brown Scapular,” and I put my hand on this Scapular. Suddenly the meter beeps…beep…” Ann said in shock, “Father, what are you doing?” “Nothing,” I replied.

The man began to breathe. Ann and the nurses present immediately called the doctor. All paramedic paramedics gasped in surprise at this strange occurrence. Then the man opened his eyes and looked at Me and said, “I’ve been waiting for you to come, thank you Father, I want to confess.”

When the emergency room doctor arrived, the doctor seemed annoyed because he had signed the death certificate for this person. The doctor had to tear up the death certificate.

To this day, doctors at Goleta Valley Hospital still don’t understand how the man who had stopped breathing could come back to life. Father John Higgins was also surprised by the miracle that happened. I thank God and Our Lady because I just put my hand on the Scapular. The paramedics of that day later visited the man in the recovery room, and they added in the first report of his death in bold black: “GOD RED BRING THIS MAN AGAIN”

Before the stroke, this patient was on the list of heart attack patients waiting for heart transplant surgery. About six months after being healed by God, he withdrew his name because doctors examined him and confirmed his heart was back to normal.

Father John Higgins said, “It is with great joy every time I think of the miracles the Lord performs. God used my hand to heal according to His Will. Praise God!

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